Intelligent Merchandising Software For Ecommerce Retailers

Intelligent Merchandising Software For Ecommerce Retailers

With more people shopping online than ever before, ecommerce businesses are looking for ways to stand out from the competition and drive conversions. One method that has seen tremendous success is intelligent merchandising, which automates the merchandising process and improves site-wide user experiences through personalized recommendations and smart search functionality.

With this type of merchandising software, companies are free to make changes to their websites and applications in real-time without having to wait for internal departments to review and approve them. This makes the entire business more responsive and agile, which in turn can lead to a better customer experience and higher sales.

Maximizing Profitability with Intelligent Merchandising Solutions

The best intelligent merchandising solutions offer automated decision-making based on real data insights. These are able to take into account the impact of past and planned merchandising activities, allowing retailers to make more informed decisions and maximise their promotional ROI. In addition, it can help them to manage their inventory more effectively by accurately forecasting demand and optimizing stock levels.

For example, Target’s AI digital merchandising allows shoppers to sift through eye-catching product pages, quickly locating the SKUs they want to purchase straightforwardly. This helps to increase the average order value (AOV) and deliver a more personalized shopping experience. Moreover, it also enables the retailer to reduce overstock and deep discounting by matching supply with consumer demand, helping to preserve profit margins. The implementation of intelligent merchandising can be challenging for some, however, as it may require a change in existing systems and integrations. To help with this, intelligent merchandising software should include an efficient third-party data integration tool like Taskmonk that can efficiently process and label data for use by intelligent algorithms.

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