Cigarette Smoke Detector

Cigarette Smoke Detector

Cigarette smoke detector is an air quality sensor that is designed to specifically detect the presence of cigarette smoke and alerts users when detected. These sensors are used in many commercial spaces and homes to help prevent smoking in areas such as washrooms and bedrooms. They can also be useful in ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations and creating safer environments for occupants.

Conventional smoke alarms are not very effective at detecting cigarette smoke and may set off falsely due to things like burning toast or other cooking. This is because they respond to small particles in the air, rather than the nicotine and other chemicals released by a cigarette. This is why a dedicated cigarette smoke detector is necessary to reduce the risk of accidental fires and unnecessary inconvenience for property owners.

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The cigarette smoke detector utilizes a specialized sensing film that is linked to a reporting layer to record changes in chemiresistance due to the adsorption of ambient nicotine vapor. Experiments were performed using sidestream smoke from standard reference cigarettes smoked simultaneously in the Teague system and the sensor response was monitored as the number of simultaneous exposures increased. The resulting resistance curves are shown in Figure 3 and reflect the degree to which the signal rises as the number of cigarette burns increases. Following the final exposure, fresh air was blown into the sensor chamber for 6min to purge the sensor of nicotine and restore the resistance to a lower value.

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